“A huge congratulations for the hard work put in by all our candidates. The excellent feedback we have received from your employers and our trainers has shown how hard you have all worked to reach this outstanding level and we are just as sure that you will excel as you move forward in your careers” Fiona McMcElhatton, Programme Manager, Global Horizon Skills

Brogan Reid is employed by Computershare in Derry/Londonderry. Brogan participated in the Level 2 & 3 Providing Financial Services apprenticeship programme as an existing employee, new to a job role. Brogan was fully engaged in the process throughout, with a keen interest in developing her career. Whilst Brogan’s employer has constantly encouraged Brogan to move forward and apply for promotion opportunities whilst employed with Computershare, Brogan feels that taking on the apprenticeship has given her the confidence needed to do this. Brogan is now ambitious where she may not have been before and has recently applied for a further  prestigious role within the company. Brogan now loves learning, adding to her knowledge and supporting other staff daily.


Aisling Devlin joined NatWest in Belfast as an Apprentice. She participated in the Level 2 & 3 Providing Financial Services Apprenticeship Programme. Aisling’s employer reports how her eagerness to learn and do a good job was obvious from day one. Aisling always aspired and worked hard to become the top performing agent – often covering for her manager and undertaking a lot of extra duties. Her employer remembers that Aisling stood out from other employees from day one and was always at the top of her tier which in recognition, led to her to being given extra responsibilities e.g. becoming a customer champion. As a very important and now leading team member, Aisling continues to move forward  in her career, taking responsibility for managing important roles and initiatives within the business. 


Mairead McDonald is employed by Bradleys Pharmacy in Killyclogher and undertook the Level 2 Pharmacy Services Apprenticeship Programme. New to pharmacy training, Mairead’s employer and the Global Horizon Skills trainers report how she constantly excelled in her progress and development. Mairead’s employer notes that her performance levels and confidence in particular, has improved greatly. She now leads initiatives and services such as the monitored dosage system which assists patients with compliance. Mairead also devised a heart health awareness campaign, the theme of which was linked to Valentine’s Day promotion. Mairead embraces new challenges daily and is a highly effective and important member of the team.

The clear message to employers is that the apprenticeship process can support your staff and overall company development in a much broader way than using it as a vehicle to train school-leavers only. The process, as clearly evidenced by these awards, shines a light on the many benefits of this provision and its value in supporting new as well as existing employees. 


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