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Physical Intervention Skills

A Common Core System is a menu of behaviours, communication skills and physical competence which will enhance the safety of those who are trained and help minimise risk to both the user and those who may be affected by its application.

Will a technique work? Having the confidence to know it will work, knowledge of the possibility of injury to the subject of a technique, and the possibility of injury to the system user can determine what we choose to take from our Common Core System menu. Factors which may lead to ineffectiveness of any part of the system such as alcohol, drugs or other physiological or psychological condition must be constantly assessed and re-assessed.

Persons using techniques contained in the Common Core System as part of their employment responsibility, or private citizens who may perceive it necessary to use it outside of a work setting must be familiar with the concept of a risk assessed, Graduated Measured Response.

Knowledge of the possible physical effects and injury risk of any particular technique will help the system user make informed judgements regarding the justification and proportionality of their action.

Our duty of care for any person affected by our actions is vital; therefore we also need to have a competent knowledge of medical considerations not only as a result of our actions but conditions already present in people we may encounter during our working lives or in our every day private lives.

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