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Licensing Law Awareness

The Licensing Law Awareness e-Learning module is an essential course for anyone who works within a retail organisation that serves alcohol to the public. It will make learners aware of their responsibilities and legal requirements in relation to The Licensing Law Act (2003).

When you have completed this you will be able to:

•  Identify the benefits to society of regulating alcohol and state the key provisions of the Licensing Act 2003

•  State the four licensing objectives

•  Explain the role of the licensing authority          

•  State the mandatory conditions that apply to all premises that authorise the sale of alcohol     

•  Identify the four licensable activities that are defined in the Licensing Act 2003

•  Define unauthorised licensable activities

•  State the penalties for breaching the conditions of a premises licence

•  Explain when a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) can be applied for

•  Define the role of the personal designated premises supervisor and the personal licence holder

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