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Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness 

The course will help individuals, organisations, and community groups to gain a better understanding and knowledge of potential threats and risks associated with using digital devices, networks, and services. It will assist attendees to become better informed about best practices, potential vulnerabilities, and protective measures to mitigate cyber threats and safeguard any sensitive information.

The primary goal of cybersecurity awareness is to promote a proactive and vigilant approach towards online security. By increasing awareness, individuals and organisations can recognise potential cyber threats, avoid common pitfalls, and take appropriate actions to protect themselves and their digital assets.

The course will cover aspects of the following:

  • Phishing - Understanding how cybercriminals use deceptive techniques to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware.
  • Web Safety - Teaching individuals how to browse the internet securely, avoid suspicious websites, and be cautious while downloading files or clicking on links.
  • Passwords - Emphasizing the importance of using strong, unique passwords and implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect online accounts.
  • Malware - Educating individuals about the risks of malicious software and how to avoid downloading or executing harmful programs.
  • Mobile Devices - Educating users about securing their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, including enabling device passcodes, keeping software up to date, and avoiding untrusted app downloads.
  • Wi-Fi - Encouraging users to secure their home or office wireless networks, use strong passwords for Wi-Fi access, and avoid connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Social Engineering
  • Encryption - Highlighting the significance of protecting personal and sensitive information, such as financial data, social security numbers, and healthcare records.
  • Backups
  • Handling Sensitive Information

If you would like us to deliver customised training specifically for a group of your employees, please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange specific training to better meet your needs. 

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