The benefits of apprenticeships for both employees and employers, are widely know. Skills that aren't taught ins school are essential for the workplace. Here are some examples of what our apprentices and employers have to say of their own experiences and the difference the scheme has made to them, both professionally and personally!

Danielle works as a Deputy Manager for Venture Kids at their Knock Road premises in Belfast, managing day-care and after school activities for young children. Danielle has completed her Level 3 Management programme.

Danielle found that the ApprenticeshipNI programme helped her to fast-track her career. She took the opportunity to improve her skills and gain experience, at the same time as gaining relevant qualifications to enhance her employability:

“Confidence would be a big skills area where I have improved. The course gave me up-to-date knowledge on policies and procedures, and knowing these things gave me the confidence to talk to staff and answer any queries they might have”

Siobhan McIlwaine, Owner & Manager of Venture Kids:

“Danielle has been able to take the skills that she has enhanced through Global Horizon Skills. Her skills have been so transferable that she has been moved to Deputy Manager at our second setting. The manager has got a fantastic support in her"

“The adaptability and the communication skills, her organisational skills, have not only been enhanced by Global Horizon Skills, but also the fact that she has been willing to make that transfer. I would like to applaud Danielle for that, it has all gone very positively”

Danielle is motivated, confident and self-driven. ApprenticeshipNI has provided her with the opportunity to quickly build up her professional skills, while gaining valuable work-based experience.

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