Your business might consider either taking staff on in new roles or by developing existing employees to further their careers and professional development.


For Apprentices of all ages, this route to an improved career provides a chance to earn on the job, whilst also learning a new trade or skill. The benefits are also right there for employers - a chance to recruit and attract enthusiastic, energetic individuals with a fresh outlook. Apprentices in Northern Ireland can play a crucial role in driving successful business growth for a range of reasons:


1. Skill Development:

Apprenticeships provide a structured framework for skills development. Allowing your businesses to train individuals in the specific skills and knowledge necessary for your industry, and ensuring that employees have the expertise you require. Global Horizon Skills is ready as your training partner to tailor the appropriate skills training and development to take your staff to the next level!


2. Customized Training:
At Global, we can tailor apprenticeship programs to your business’s unique needs. Customising will ensure that your apprentices receive the right training, aligned with your company's strategic goals and industry standards.


3. Cost-Effective Talent:
Hiring and training apprentices is often more cost-effective than recruiting experienced professionals. These cost savings can be especially beneficial for SMEs and startups with limited budgets. Right now funded training is open and available – don’t wait too long!


4. Diverse Perspectives:
Apprenticeships can bring in fresh perspectives and new ideas, which might be invaluable for innovation and problem-solving. Newcomers to an industry often question the status quo and offer creative solutions to challenges.


5. Retention and Loyalty:
Apprenticeship programs often foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among participants. When your business invests in an individual's development, it can lead to higher retention rates and a dedicated workforce.


6. Succession Planning:

Apprenticeships can be a part of a long-term strategy for succession planning. Training and nurturing talent can ensure an ongoing supply of skilled workers, ready to take on leadership roles with you as they become progress. Recent Financial Services Apprenticeship graduate, Aisling Devlin, Team Leader with NatWest, has progressed through the company since starting her apprenticeship:

"My apprenticeship has been much more beneficial than my degree in terms of my career progression - Apprenticeship was the tool I needed. My training with Global Horizon Skills gave me the confidence to realise my potential. My communication skills were improved. The ICT skills I gained were also another string to my bow. The training was the stepping stone to the role I wanted"


7. Reduced Skills Gap:

In many industries within Northern Ireland, there is a growing gap between the skills required by employers and the skills possessed by potential hires. Apprenticeships can help bridge this gap by directly addressing the specific skills and knowledge required.


8. Community Engagement:

By participating in apprenticeship programs, your businesses can engage with your local community, helping to develop a skilled workforce on your doorstep – enhancing your reputation and relationships with local stakeholders.


9. Government Support:
Currently in Northern Ireland, funded training is available to all ages of staff for apprenticeship positions and upskilling of staff in new roles. Including making it financially advantageous to invest in apprenticeships, upskilling and your staff!


10. Adaptability:
The skills your company’s staff and apprentices can gain is easily adapted to your changing industry trends and technologies. With on-the-job learning, Apprentices tend to be more adaptable and open to learning new techniques and tools, which can be essential in industries that evolve rapidly.


11. Quality Control:

By training apprentices, your business can ensure that employees follow best practices and maintain high standards in their work, which can positively impact the quality of products or services.


Apprenticeships offer your business a means to develop a skilled, talented and engaged workforce, enhance your potential for innovation, and adapt to changing market conditions. By investing time in training, Northern Ireland businesses can play a pivotal role in their own success. 


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