It’s a well-known fact that the majority of workplace injuries occur because of errors in manual handling. But did you know that as an employer, there are certain responsibilities you must take for your workforce to stay within the law?

You may be surprised at the workplaces and roles that form part of the top third of UK work related accidents. From schools to restaurants it’s not just construction and warehousing employees at risk. At Global Horizon Skills, we work with expert trained professionals in helping firms like yours not only adhere to laws such as the Health & Safety at Work Act, but also to create a safe and efficient working environment for staff at all levels.

There is no legal limit to the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted at work, perhaps this is why some employers overlook adequate training in manual handling. This could also be the reason behind the shocking incident rates in the UK for related accidents and injuries. However, there is a recommended maximum lifting weight – a ‘best practice’, you could say. Opting to stick to guidelines like these, which differ for men and women and by height / weight, could keep your workforce busier and your legal contacts less so.

This is just one of many guidelines and practical tips you’ll become aware of on our upcoming Manual Handling Training Course taking place on the 13th June 2019 in Derry~Londonderry. Give us a call on 028 8225 6772 and take the right steps to safeguard your operations this summer with Global Horizon Skills.