Justyna is a Packaging Operator on the production line at the Diageo factory premises in Belfast.

“I think Justyna has been the ideal candidate” said Liz Dunlop, Training Manager; “Justyna’s journey and how she has grown in confidence and has raised her profile within the company. From a Packaging Operator, doing a good job on the production line, to becoming engaged with members of the Leadership Team. Justyna has embraced the NVQ programme. She always looks for solutions, and has a great sense of pride in her work and a great attitude to learning

Diageo has various options for career progression within the business, and opportunities for Apprenticeship candidates to continue to gain qualifications and greater experience, and take on more responsibilities. Justyna is keen to progress on to Level 3, and to act up in a Team Lead role.

“Justyna completed an A3 improvement project and was successful in reviewing the weight of the packaging to 13kg and design a roller to transfer boxes from pallet to Packaging machine with the aim of improving safety aligned with manual handling standards. It was a big task to take on for a Production Operator”

“I think the training is going great, I have learned a lot . . . how to manage people, and how to act as a Team Leader. I have become more confident, and I have become better at problem solving. I have gained more knowledge about Diageo and the production line as well” Justyna Janowicz.

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