The CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme and Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme courses are the more popular courses we offer.

  • These courses are for project managers, site managers, site supervisors, business owners and clients.
  • You will gain an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues on construction sites.
  • To gain a certificate, you must attend all days of the course and complete a multiple-choice assessment.
  • The certificate lasts 5 years and you can refresh the training before the expiry date of your certificate.
  • These courses are highly enjoyable and interactive. There are case studies, classroom discussion, group work, individual and group presentations.

Why is this training important?

Not only will this training cover your legal obligations on-site, but your knowledge of health and safety on-site will also be improved. The training will not eradicate injuries but it will certainly improve safety and there will be less chance of injury which in return means fewer absences and happier employees on site.

These courses cover all aspects of legislation and other aspects which affect safe working on site. It shows managers then need for risk assessments and how to carry one out on site. Alongside this, it teaches how to implement control measures and maintain communication to sustain an effective health and safety culture on site