Is the Assessor qualification suited to you?
The A1 assessor qualification is step one for anyone wanting to diversify their skill set. Assessors observe candidates at work, whatever the profession, and check portfolios to sign off qualifications as the evidence is gathered. Many individuals go into the sector because they want to help other people to achieve their potential, and because they are experienced in their occupational field. Whether you own a business, work in management, or simply want to take on a new challenge, this course is a great opportunity for you.

A change of work role?
When you have spent lots of your working life in one setting, perhaps in an office, then you might be looking for new ways to use your skills and experience. After years in one sector, working out what to do next in your career can be difficult and challenging. Assessors are able to take their professional experience, build on that, and also get to see a subject from an entirely different angle as they oversee the work of others.

Progression in your current workplace role
Everyone targeting a promotion knows that new skills can boost their employability, and an assessor qualification is a great example. Most employers like cost-effective ways to train their staff and an in-house role can be ideal. Adding a respected qualification to your CV is a great way to impress your company and hopefully make a step up the career ladder.

Meeting new people
Working as an assessor can be incredibly rewarding, and means getting to know students from all walks of life. You learn to understand their capabilities and to ensure that they are fully prepared and qualified to progress in their role. What are you waiting for!