One of the most exciting reasons people come to training courses at Global Horizon Skills is to enhance their CV and widen their skillset so that they can apply for the job they’ve always dreamt of! NEBOSH, one of the most popular courses of its kind, is no exception. In fact, you’d be surprised just how many job roles this health and safety qualification can open to you.

We’re running NEBOSH in both Derry~Londonderry (daytime) and Omagh (evenings), commencing on the 17th and 18th September 2019 respectively. If you’d like to learn more you can call Global Horizon Skills on 028 8225 6772 today. You can also book online at

Whilst there are hundreds of job roles advertised right now requiring NEBOSH National General Certificate as part of the person specification, we’re going to highlight four of the most popular that you might be interested in. For more great information about careers we recommend visiting

1. Health & Safety Officer
As the UK’s most popular health and safety qualification, NEBOSH can open doors for you in virtually every business locally and nationally. The strict legislation and requirements by UK law for safety in the UK is amongst the tightest in the world. That means every business is required to have a designated health and safety officer responsible for the company’s processes and procedures across all operations. Check out the 3,070+ vacancies for this role live on right now by clicking here!

2. Fire Safety Officer
Building on from the last paragraph, fire safety is also a critical safety concern for all businesses today. With more electronic equipment and machinery than ever before, generating heat and confined to small areas, fire safety is never overlooked. Global Horizon Skills also deliver a range of basic Fire Safety training courses, which you can find out more about by calling 028 8225 6772 now. This role is concerned with the layout of and procedures for evacuation and maintenance of life-saving equipment in organisations. Right now, there are 1,480+ jobs listed on – check them out by clicking here.

3. Risk Assessor
Every industry and sector has its own operational risks to consider. Many consultancy firms exist to assist other businesses comply with the law and best practices in planning. Risk Assessors make regular visits and work on reports suggesting better ways to operate that focus on keeping people and the environment safe. There are over 510+ risk assessor jobs listed on Indeed. New vacancies appear all the time, such as the recent Legionella disease outbreak, which Global Horizon Skills have also developed a training course to help deal with the challenges in modern organisations.

4. Quality & Safety Engineer
From food production to ensure products are safe for children, quality control is paramount to any modern organisations operations to prevent harm to the public and ensure products are up to scratch, not least to stay competitive. Some of the world’s largest businesses take quality control to the extreme, building a reputation and brand on quality alone that customers appreciate. As such, there is a huge demand for this kind of work. NEBOSH can open doors for the over 25,000 listed jobs on Indeed falling into this wide category.

That’s just four of many jobs NEBOSH and its comprehensive coverage of health, safety and environmental issues can be beneficial. At Global Horizon Skills, we’re waiting to welcome you onto our upcoming NEBOSH training in September. Whether you’re near Omagh or Derry~Londonderry or can be free in the evenings or daytime, Global Horizon Skills have you covered.