Our clients find our extensive range of training courses as one of the best reasons to choose Global Horizon Skills. With a number of sectors and distinctive, industry-standard qualifications to choose from, we have handpicked a number of courses that are of particular interest to the childcare sector. That’s any business where the staff have a duty of care over children.

The popular Introduction to Child Protection course is our most comprehensive course in developing a critical understanding of the most important approaches in working with children. This includes a focus on recognising abuse and a number of best practices. Delegates gain a clear understanding of codes of conduct, their responsibilities, reporting processes and confidentiality. Those who have completed the course have remarked that it has allowed them to feel more confident when dealing with young people and that they would know how to competently deal with any abnormal situation.

If you’re working with children, it’s also a good idea to have First Aid Training specific to the kinds of injuries and considerations needed for children. Our Paediatric First Aid course is aimed at improving the skills of those directly responsible for the welfare of children in knowing how to react in an emergency. Nannies, child-minders, nursery workers and parents are typically interested in this training. It takes common First Aid training practices and combines them with examples and adapted responses with a child in mind.

We also deliver Level 2 Food Safety training regularly, which applies to many industries – but many of those working in a childcare role have duties for preparing food for young people daily. This makes it essential to know how to avoid foodborne bacteria and associated illnesses which could be contagious in large groups of children.

Finally, our Designated Safeguarding Officer course is a higher level training opportunity that allows for a full understanding of the duties of a designated safeguarding officer within an organisation responsible for the safety of children. This is a great next step from the Introduction to Child Protection above, for those whose job role requires it. The management of a child protection plan is central to this training and is required by law in the UK for schools and youth clubs etc. to ensure difficult situations are reported and dealt with appropriately.

Through these courses, Global Horizon Skills is proud to be supporting businesses of all sizes across Northern Ireland in the Childcare Sector. Not only do we deliver this training regularly for anybody to attend as an Open Course – bookable online and over the phone but we also deliver training specially for the needs of your firm. If you’ve got a group of staff that require training in these courses or any of our over 180 courses get in touch today, we’ll work to deliver an Exceptional Training Solution for you.

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