When is an Apprentice not an Apprentice?

When the Apprentice can be any age, any business sector, and anywhere within Northern Ireland  . . .  Anything goes!


At our recent event 'Elevate Your Workforce' to highlight the benefits of the new funded upskilling and apprenticeship programme, Global's Financial Services trainer Uel Graham stated:

"There isn't a stereotypical apprentice"

Uel explained the training process from his perspective, demonstrating his love of both training and the process of helping to develop skills:

"I act as facilitator, coach and mentor. There is a depth of knowledge and understanding to deliver for each individual. We are constantly reviewing the programme to make it a better experience for our learners. Our training is not just delivering the course content, but being 'player centred' similar to any sports coaching: we treat individuals as individuals. Everyone has their own learning style and approach to the process"


We were also joined at the event by Adrienne Clugston, Operations Manager for UCA-NI Ltd.

Adrienne highlighted benefits to the body of Northern Ireland pharmacies that UCA-NI represents, and how training has improved the confidence, productivity and retention of staff:

"We receive great feedback from both employers and employees. With the cost of doing business, this is a lifeline for pharmacies. 

The confidence with technology is a great element to the training, and the ICT essential skills component is really beneficial. For older staff, it is not like going back into the classroom".


Recent Financial Services Apprenticeship graduate, Aisling Devlin, Team Leader with NatWest, also spoke at the event, giving her time to highlight the benefits she has gained from the experience, and encouraging others to take advantage of the current funded training programme:

"My apprenticeship has been much more beneficial than my degree in terms of my career progression - Apprenticeship was the tool I needed"

Aisling detailed how the apprenticeship training she received while at work boosted her confidence, as well as her skills:

"My training with Global Horizon Skills gave me the confidence to realise my potential. My communication skills were improved, I am able to stand here talking to you today and deliver this speech. The ICT skills I gained were also another string to my bow. The training was the stepping stone to the role I wanted"


Take a minute to explore the new funded opportunities available to your workforce:

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    • Variety
    • Accreditation
    • No cost
    • Direct monetary incentive to employers

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