To apply for most CSCS cards you have to pass a health and safety test, and demonstrate your competence. 

CSCS Testing is offered at our Omagh site.  A new 24-hour booking system has been put in place, however all tests must be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance for administration purposes. No tests will be launched on the system without pre-booking*.

The computer-based tests can be completed quickly with flexible test times available - including evening and weekend slots.  Foreign Language voice overs are available and assistance can be provided to candidates who have learning difficulties.

Please contact Noelle Mills on 028 8225 6772 or for more details.



[*In extenuating circumstances or in the case of an emergency circumstance, ITCs may be able to book a Test within 48 hours. In such circumstances, the ITC must make a record of the specific reason(s) for allowing the Test. This record must be made available for auditing purposes. CITB reserves the right to remove this facility from ITCs at its sole discretion where concerns are identified]



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